All meat used in our products are A-GRADE, fit for human consumption and our products contain NO FILLERS.

We are very competitive when it comes to the price of our products. We believe that healthy eating shouldn’t only be an option for the rich. Many of our clients have noticed a considerable reduction in the allergies/ sensitivities within just a week of making the Switch to PRIMAL.


PRIMAL PETS (PTY) LTD prides itself on using A-grade ingredients, grown or sourced from the most reputable LOCAL farmers.These RAW and natural ingredients, mainly consisting of meat, bone and organ, that are uncooked, unprocessed and in its most natural form, are minced together in set ratios to ensure a complete and balanced diet for your average healthy dog.

All our products are FREE from chemicals, additives and preservatives and contain NO corn/maize/soy fillers! Our minced products are conveniently packaged into a 1kg casing, ready to be thawed and fed raw.


The majority of pet foods on the market are not approved for human consumption, which means we are basically feeding them all the offcuts and leftovers from the human food industry, so the question is what nutrition are our pets actually getting from their food? Most kibble brands contain low quality protein, they are packed with corn and maize fillers and contain very little moisture. You’ll clearly notice how dogs go straight to the water bowl after their meals. It undergoes a process where it is cooked in very high temperatures and stripped of most of its nutritional value. And after all of that you are left with a little biscuit, made up of about 60% carbohydrates.

Diabetes, obesity, joint issues, gastro-intestinal issues and cancers were mostly unheard of in the past, but in todays’ times it is in almost every household. By switching to their ancestral diet, almost all the above is irradicated. 

How do I switch

How do I switch

How do I switch

Switching to Raw is a process that would require an initial supervision. Unlike kibble - one cant just decide to fill the fur-baby's bowl with raw meat as their stomachs and gastrointestinal systems need time to adjust. By just dumping the food, you might cause excessive diarrhea, dehydration and nausea. Its due to this reason that we recommend a gradual switch..   Small portions incorporated into their existing diet, gradually building up to a 100% raw diet. Please refer to instructional diagram/ graphic to see which ratios we recommend you use as a guideline. If you would prefer more specific advice and instruction, please feel free to contact us!

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