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Will Raw feeding make my dog ‘blood thirsty’ and aggressive?
Absolutely not! This is, in fact, one of the biggest raw feeding myths. Research has found that most dogs place a higher value on the raw food than they do on the kibble, and hence, some are more 'protective' over their raw meals. This is a term known as 'Resource guarding' and it is not exclusive to a raw diet!
Will my dog get salmonella from eating raw chicken?
Salmonella can be completely avoided simply by ensuring you are feeding human-grade meat and taking the necessary hygiene precautions during meal prep. This includes washing hand, surfaces and utensils before and after feeding, and also ensuring that you treat the raw food in the same manner that you would your own meat. ie, thawing in the fridge and not in direct sunlight, etc.
Are your products suitable for all breeds?
Our complete meals are all finely minced, making it suitable and palatable for all breeds, ages and life stages. This includes cats/ kittens, as all our complete meals contain muscle meats rich in protein and taurine.
Do your products contain any additives or preservatives?
Our products are free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavouring!
My dog has skin allergies, would Primal help?
We've had incredible success with our raw meals in significantly reducing skin allergies. Many dogs & cats have in fact come off cortisone since making the switch! Contact us for more guidance on this.
My dog is quite old, is it safe to make the switch to raw?
It's never too late to make positive & healthy choices for a better quality of life!
At what age can I start feeding my puppy Primal?
Puppies can start on a raw diet from as early as 3 weeks old! Studies have proven that pups started on a raw & natural diet early in life, have significantly reduced chances of suffering from skin allergies and gastrointestinal issues later on in life. Puppies require higher calorie and higher protein options. Contact us for more guidance.
How do I store the product?
You will receive your Primal Raw meals in a completely frozen state, delivered in our state of the art refrigerated vehicles, to ensure product integrity. All meals need to be stored in the freezer until ready to feed.
Do I need to wean my dog off kibble?
Most dogs can handle an immediate switch without side-effects, however we do suggest a 4 day transition period to ease them on to the new food. Dogs known to have a more sensitive gut may need a longer transition period.
Is Primal a complete meal?
All our 'original rolls' are complete meals and can be fed as is. Our 'value lines' are suggested as compliments which would require additional add-ons.
Do I need to cook the product?
Simply thaw & feed raw! Cooking the product would destroy some of its nutritional value through the heating process.
How often should I deworm my dog after making the switch to Primal?
Deworming is usually recommended every 6 months, regardless of diet. However, we personally prefer using natural treat options with fur, like rabbit ears, paws or skins. The fur aids in scraping the intestinal walls through digestion which acts as a natural dewormer!
How much should I feed my dog?
Kindly view our daily feeding guide under the 'Switch' tab.
My dogs’ stools are a lot smaller since switching to Primal, is this normal?
This is complete normal and one of the best benefits of making the switch! Unlike with kibble, dogs and cats absorb far more nutrients from the raw food and so the stools are far smaller and less frequent!
Is Primal safe for pregnant and lactating bitches?
Absolutely! Once again, dogs and cats absorb far more nutrients from the raw food and many of these benefits are past down to the puppies during gestation. Lactating females are known for losing condition during whelping and feeding a raw & natural diet has been proven to help significantly with the recovery.
Do you deliver?
We deliver all around Gauteng and Capetown ourselves, and have distributors in other large metros around South Africa. Contact us for more information.
Can I purchase Primal from any retail supermarket chains?
Some of our main lines can be found at Checkers- Petshop Science stores nationwide.
Do your products contain any fruit/vegetables?
Our products do not contain contain any fruit or veg fillers.