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Ray (as her family calls her), is mom to 6 fur-babies and 3 little humans. She's our Founder/ Director an avid hiker, dog lover, accountant and pet nutritionist. A Typical Boss Diva. Qualified with a Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree from Wits University, she left the corporate industry to follow her passion and start Primal Raw. Being in the Accounting field, corporate was too demanding and didn't allow for much of a family life.... Today she has established not only a more balanced lifestyle but a company that has grown to being established as the number one, raw pet food supplier in Gauteng and very soon South Africa!

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Shaad is an avid sports fan and health/ fitness enthusiast. He's a passionate dog handler who produced 2 champions in the show ring from local and international shows. Also known for his ethical campaigns in the struggle to educate the public on rescue centre support aswell as moral breeding practices. He's qualified with a Masters degree in finance from Wits University, ensuring the company's numbers stay on the rise and within their strategic growth plan. Shaad left his high profile investment banking career to pursue his passion for dogs and animal welfare, bringing life to the concept of "Primal Raw". Today our founders stand proud with an incredible brand available nationwide. 

The story behind our brand


There is a direct link between the quality of food that you feed and your pets’ overall health, wellness and longevity.

Unfortunately, we had learnt this lesson in a painful way when we had both lost dogs to different forms of cancers growing up. Our dogs, ‘Apachee and Ghost’, were on a commercial, 100% processed diet, consisting of dry kibble and wet canned foods. Our individual, rather traumatic, experiences had sparked our interest in alternative feeding options, which lead us to the RAW DIET.

We truly believe that the healthiest foods for both ourselves and our pets are those that contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives, and whose composition and goodness has not been altered by extreme heat.

We are both qualified in the Finance and Accounting fields respectively, but have chosen to pursue our passion, being animal wellness and nutrition. We have had incredible success and feedback thus far and we look forward to making a difference in the lives of MANY more of our ‘real’ clients, your loving pets!