Our main mission is to educate the public at large, about the dangers of an exclusively processed/ kibble diet and its immediate and long lasting effects on our pets. We strive to assist people in making choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life for their pets, by switching to a RAW and biologically appropriate diet, to maximize longevity and quality of life.


I am purebred Rotweiler (the very expensive kind) and my talents include posing, talking, whispering, shaking hands and sneaking my favourite Primal meals from delivery bags on arrival, without being noticed. Suppose one can think of me as a super fabulous drooling ninja!

TITAN @mytitantherottie

Charming & stylish french bulldog, living my best life in sunny Pretoria.Life wasnt always this easy though.I suffered with severe gastrointestinal issues as well as chicken allergies and then my mom eased me onto a new Raw and Natural diet with Primal Raw and we've never looked back (U welcome to "awww" round about now).

MOOSE @moosethefrenchfry

Blaze is a beautiful mixed breed baby and its due to this fact that his dad was super sceptical when it came to his diet. Not just one set of breed regulations applies to Blaze but  dad swears he is flourishing on his raw feed and will NEVER resort to any other brand or type of canine food!

BLAZE @leonidas_leo23

These 3 musketeers are honestly joined at the hip. With our famous model/ actress mom Pearl Thusi who is an avid hiker, talking about joints and hips evokes the craziest nightmares. Our mom really is a supermom, with just a click of a button she makes sure to keep us strong, healthy and fit with our nutritious Primal Raw meals. 


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